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πŸ“–What is UN INFO?

UN INFO is part of the United Nations’ efforts to improve coordination, transparency and accountability for results by tracking the UNSDG’s contributions to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

At its heart, UN INFO 2.0 is a suite of applications designed to capture the programmatic and operational work of every UN Country Team (UNCT).

One of the key applications in UN INFO 2.0 is the online planning, monitoring and reporting platform that digitizes the UNCT’s joint workplans and results framework (UNDAF and/or Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework). The database provides a clear picture on programmatic activities, partnerships, financials and results.

Taken together, UN INFO Workspace & UN INFO UNSDG Data Portal represent a revolution in transparency and accountability for the UN system.

The platform opens new opportunities for highlighting the work of the UN country teams across the globe and is using agile and innovative technologies that make the platforms nimble and accessible to a country, regional and global audience.

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