5.4.1 Introduction to step and users

The โ€œPremises attributesโ€ step allows to specify further information about the premises, about its occupants and about the contractual agreements linking them.

To enter data, the user should first select the premises for which data shall be entered on the โ€œPremisesโ€ dropdown field at the top of the page (visual 26). Premises/projects/initiatives need to be validated in Step 2 (Premises Validation) prior to this step. The dropdown field will only display premises validated in Step 2.

This step is composed of 3 main sections:

  1. Premises-level data, asking more detailed information on the premises such as a description, the space and capacity, if there are any restrictions to host and the planned investments.

  2. Occupant-level data, asking detailed information about the offices/occupants, such as space and capacity, office type, work modality, number of personnel per grade, costs.

  3. Contractual agreements, asking information on the contracts linking the occupants of the premises.


  • The CPC and the Common Services Manager (CSM) of each premises enter premises-level data, verify the occupants list (add and delete occupants if needed) and complete the occupantโ€™s level data. They also enter contractual agreements.

  • The Agency focal point (AFP) can add/delete occupants of its own entity and enters occupants' data for its own entity. An AFP also add contractual agreements, in general for its own entity.

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