Multi-Year Funding Framework (MYFF)

How to enter Multi-Year Funding Framework data

The guidance below shows you how to provide the Multi-Year Funding Framework (MYFF)data at the Output level in your plan.

For the MYFF to be activated, ensure that all Outputs have been assigned a start and end date. If not option appears on the Output form. If no date options exist, contact

To access the MYFF, navigate to the Output section of your results chain and select 'Edit Multi-year Funding Framework'

After opening the MYFF, verify each Output appears on the worksheet with their corresponding start and end date. Select the double arrow 'Expand' button.

Once you've expanded the Output, select the "+" button add a new agency.

Select the intended agency from the dropdown.

Once you've selected the agency, fill out the form by providing the Required Resources the agency needs for the Output over the date range. Next, choose a contributing partner from the dropdown list, if the partner does not appear, contact your RCO Data Management Officer. Finally, after selecting the contributing partner, enter the amount expect to be received for the date range of the Output. Repeat these steps for each contributing partner the agency has for this output.

Click save.

Note that if the agency is adding in core resources, their contributing partner needs to be the name of the agency.

The following datasets are also available to download:

  1. Multi-year funding data by clicking on "Download multi-year funding data'

  2. Annual funding framework by clicking on "Download summary". This dataset will display a comparison of the multiyear funding framework (MYFF) and the annual funding framework (AFF).

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