Data Collection Process

1. Timeline

The example below reflects the tentative timeline planned for the rollout of one specific country. Although the actual dates will depend on the country, the overall steps and duration are expected to be the same.

2. Trainings

After completing the first module of the online training, data focal points are expected to attend two additional trainings focused on the data collection process:

  • Data training #1: Guiding principles and presentation of template

  • Data training #2: Workshop session with exercises on how to fill the template

2.1. Data Training #1

Please find below the material that will be presented during the training. Note that the main objective of this training is to provide clarity on the template that will be used to collect the data at country level.

2.2. Data Training #2

This hands-on session will increase clarity on how to fill the template from the beginning of the data collection process. During the training, open discussions and active engagement will be encouraged.

The material for the second training will be sent by e-mail after the training.

3. Help desk sessions

Ask anything sessions will be available twice a week for the duration of the collection process. Data focal points are encouraged to join and openly discuss questions with members from UNDCO responsible for the process.

The exact time and invitation for the sessions will be communicated during the second training on the data collection.

4. In-country support

At the end of the data collection process, members from UNDCO will provide support in-country to ensure that the data was correctly inputted.

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