Completing the IMS Survey

The New IMS Survey

The new IMS is organized into 4 different sections, collecting information on:

  • DCO Regional Office & UNCT Composition (rolling basis)

  • CF Overview in the CF/UNDAF plan (rolling basis, previously managed in the IMS Monthly survey)

  • Programmatic and Coordination Areas (annually)

  • Normative Areas (human rights and youth, gender and disability scorecards) (annually)

DEADLINES: The deadline to fill out the annual IMS questionnaire is 30 November, as in previous years. However, the deadline to fill out the normative questionnaire is extended until 31 December, given the wealth of data to be gathered for the human rights, gender, disability and youth scorecards. After each deadline the correspondent survey will be closed for data validation and reporting building.

Completing the IMS Survey

Follow the steps below to complete the IMS survey in your workspace. Depending on your user access, you may not see some of the buttons shown in the screenshot below. In the main dashboard, users can complete surveys, create new plans, create the results framework, associate tags, and add baselines and targets for indicators.

The Steps Outlined

  • Step 1 – Click the Open Survey button to open up the survey plan.

  • Step 2 – You may then click on any of the steps to fill in the survey and provide all the information required.

  • Step 3 – To save the survey, you can either "save draft" and complete it at a later time, or you can click "save and continue" once you've completed the section.

  • Step 4 – When you are done with filling in all the questions in the survey, you can click on Submit survey for review button. Please note that only the Team Leader (with Administrator rights) has the ability to submit the final survey.

Adding Comments

You can utilize the Add a comment button to leave comments on the survey.

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