Proposal Evaluation Template Document

Guidance and templates for CBO proposals

The proposal evaluation template document contains the guidance and templates to be used for the formal consultation to be carried out by UNDCO, on behalf of the UNSDG. The consultation aims to register the interest of UN Entities in a country to serve as the Host of the CBO and operate as provider of common services to other UN Entities. The templates in this document will have to be filled in with the relevant information by each interested UN Entity. The information collected with this exercise will be reviewed by a panel appointed by the Resident Coordinator to make recommendations with regards to the Host and service provider of the CBO. The UNCT (or an equivalent governance body) endorses the recommendations with regards to the Host and Service Provider, and the process completes with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The template documents for the financial proposal submissions can be found below. These are organized in three groups ('lots'). The first covers the services short-listed from the Administration, Procurement, Human Resources, and ICT service lines. The second the Logistics service line. The third the Finance service line. Note that lot structure may differ from country to country.

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