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What is the Common Premises target set in the General Assembly resolution?

The Common Premises target is reflected in General Assembly resolution 72/279 on the repositioning of the UN development system as follows:

β€œβ€¦increase the proportion of UN common premises to 50 per cent by 2021…”;

Each country is therefore establishing a Country Premises Plan (CPP) on the Common Premises platform which will serve as the blueprint of premises projects to be implemented by a country. The first step in the CPP is the stock-take exercise.

Why do I need to perform the stock-take exercise? Who should participate in the stock-take?

The Common Premises platform serves as the global database on premises (Single and Common). It is the source of reporting on the premises situation of a city, country and globally.

It is mandatory for all UNCTs to complete the stock-take exercise and to include all the premises in all the cities where the UN operates in the country. For MCOs, the UNCT is responsible for entering premises data of all countries falling under its purview. This exercise includes all physical presence of the UN in the country (single premises, common premises, compounds, government co-located, etc.)

Please also note that the implementation of projects and initiatives will be followed on the platform and therefore progress on the Common Premises agenda will be reported from the platform.

Should a Common Premises Working Group (CPWG) be implemented if an Admin and Facility Working Group is already established under the OMT as part of the BOS implementation?

Where a functioning Admin and Facility Working Group is established, the CPWG can be integrated. However, having a separate CPWG is required for any country looking to undertake a CP project. Having a separate CPWG driving CP issues at the country level under the OMT might be more effective to ensure accountability while working within existing structures.

Do participants need to attend all training dates to have the full training?

No, the training content is the same. The dates are offered to accommodate as many participants as possible.

Do I need to participate in upcoming trainings if I have already participated?

RCOs should ensure full country participation (RCO, OMT, UNDSS and Agency Focal Points) which is mandatory for swift data entry. However, the content of all trainings is the same and they do not need to be followed more than once.

Feel free to attend again to understand any particular aspect of the CP Platform on UN Info.

Are trainings offered only to nominated participants?

No. The training is open to all to build capacity within the OMTs, agencies and the RCO. Only the data collection access rights will be restricted to nominated colleagues.

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