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UN INFO is an online planning, monitoring and reporting platform that digitizes the UN Country Teams’ results frameworks (either the Development Assistance Framework or the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework).

As of 2023, the platform has been redesigned to also host a new UNSDG Information Management System (IMS) and the Common Services platforms - the new Business Operation Strategy (BOS 2.0) and eventually the Common Premises (CPR) and Common Business Office (CBO) platforms that are in the making), to offer a β€œone-stop-shop” for RCOs/UNCTs in tracking progress and monitoring results.

UN INFO is part of the United Nations’ efforts to improve transparency, accountability as well as coherence and coordination, in support of the advancement of the 2030 Agenda and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement. It is owned and managed by the UN Development Coordination Office (UNDCO) to support the UN Sustainable Development Group in its work.

Who is this guidance for?

This UN INFO standard user guideline is developed to support users to undertake Planning and Monitoring of UNDAF/CF in UN INFO system, and to generate reports that may be useful to individual entities and the UNCT, including the annual UNCT Results Report now mandatory for all UNCTs with a Cooperation Framework.

On the homepage, you would be able to register for a new account and/or login to your existing account, if you have one already. Depending on your assigned role in the system, you see the relevant module that pertains to your work and responsibilities.

Once you login, you will see the following screen. Some of the items would only show up based on your assigned role in the system. The menu tab to the left of the page provides access to all functionalities to create, edit, and manage blueprints, plans, surveys, users and more.

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