Annex 3 - Stock take terminology

Terms used during stock take step of BOS.

The below terms are used when deciding the "action to be taken" and indicating the next steps to be taken for each common service selected:

Discontinue – there is no longer any identified added value for this common service, and it is, therefore, recommended for discontinuation.

Continue as is (maintain status quo) – no issues noted, and the common service is performing as anticipated. No action required beyond continuing the common service as is.

Scale up (increase volume/activity) – the common service is exceeding expectations in terms of increased quality and cost avoidance. There is a plan to expand volume by adding additional service users or expanding the common service.

Scale down (reduce volume/activity) – the common service (or parts of it) are not meeting expectations in terms of increased quality or cost avoidance and therefore the scope of the common service to be reduced.

Modify (change the way it works or fix bottlenecks) – the common service is generating increased quality or cost avoidance, but changes are needed for it to reach its full potential.

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