Annual Funding Framework (AFF)


The Annual Funding Framework (AFF) is captured at the lowest level of the plan, you can configure the Funding Framework elements to aggregate them from the lowest to the highest level.

This should not be confused with the multi-year Funding Framework done prior to the launch of a UNSDCF which is a product of the results-based budgeting exercise every UNCT undergoes. That multi-year Funding Framework is available in UN INFO 2.0, however, and you can find guidance on it here.

How To Determine Which Funding Framework Cells Need Data

The Funding Framework is mandatory for all countries who add their JWP. For reference, default details of each JWP AFF element are shown in the table below.

Funding Framework element

Reporting Frequency

Total required resources

Yearly or Fiscal Year

Available resources

Yearly or Fiscal Year

To be mobilized resources

Automatically Calculated


Yearly or Fiscal Year

How To Enter Funding Framework Data

The financials for a JWP are linked to the associated Agency or Agencies selected in the Agency Tag, respectively. This allows us to track the specific financial footprint of each UNCT member. In addition, the Contributing Partner is a mandatory Tag because it is linked to the Funding Framework, specifically the Available Resources.

UN INFO 2.0 will not allow financials to be added to the SO until the Agency and Contributing Partner have been tagged.

How To Enter Expenditure Data

To provide expenditure data, simply click on the Report Results button as shown below. Following that, you may then click on a sub-output to provide the funding data.

To report your expenditure data, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the suboutput level in the monitoring/reporting section of your plan.

  2. Click on the Monitoring funding framework button.

  3. Ensure the figures provided in the expenditure by agency field, matches what is provided in the expenditure by agency and contributing partner field.

Auto-proportioned meaning: The funding value is automatically divided from the total provided in the expenditure by agency field.

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