5.3.1 Introduction to step and users

The step β€œPremises validation” focuses on:

  1. The validation of the premises data already available in the platform and addition of missing premises

  2. The addition of ongoing projects and initiatives in the country

The access to this step is restricted and defined by access rights assigned to each role (see visual 14 for details):

  • The Premises validation focal point takes actions in respect of the premises only (not projects/initiatives), namely: check and validate the existing premises data and add new premises.

  • CPC and Agency focal points can add new projects and initiatives. If they note a discrepancy in respect of their Agency’s premises or office data, they should notify the Premises validation focal point to take the system actions to correct errors.

The page provides the overview of all premises, projects, and initiatives in the country (visual 17). The details of each premises can be reviewed if the folded row is expanded.

There are three types of actions to be performed in this step, detailed in following pages:

- Validate the information for the existing premises

- Add existing premises

- Add projects and initiatives

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