5.1 Detailed roles and responsibilities

The Stock take’s purpose is to collect data at premises and office levels, to establish an accurate up-to-date database of all existing UN premises, any on-going initiatives and projects in the pipeline and space needs of each UN Entity This phase will provide the UNCTs and CPWGs with reliable premises and UN entities data, enabling data-driven consolidation planning.

The stock take part is performed through three different steps, with specific roles assigned to each stakeholder:

Β· Step 1 – Background

Β· Step 2 – Premises validation

Β· Step 3 – Premises attributes

Stakeholder roles will vary throughout the Stock Take phase:

  1. Common Services Managers (CSM) are agency focal points of the organization identified as Common Services Manager for this specific premises

Note: Agency focal point able to add/delete occupants of their own entity and enter data for their own entity. CPCs and CSMs are able to add/delete occupants from any entity and enter data for all entities.

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