Annex 2 - Accountability framework

Sample organigram

Whilst every country context is different, the below organigram represents a typical structure relevant to the BOS with roles and responsibilities.

Generic roles and responsibilities (to be refined to reflect country context)

  • DCO:

    • Resourcing and technical advice

    • Secretariat of BOS Task Team

  • BOS Task Team:

    • Provide guidance and support to RCs and UNCTs in developing, implementing and reporting on the BOS

    • Provide quality assurance on the proposed BOS by country while incorporating country typologies and differentiated approaches accordingly.

    • Identify, fine-tune and share best practices with UNCTs

    • Advice UNCTs regarding latest global guidance on common business operations

  • Agencies:

    • Reflect the commitment to BOS in strategic and operational plans

    • Support agency heads at the country level in their engagement in BOS

Country-level BOS leadership
  • RC:

    • Accountable to the Secretary-General for advances towards UN common business operations to enable joint work and generate greater efficiencies, synergies and coherence

    • Final sign-off of BOS, on behalf of the UNCT

    • RC’s office managed the user access of the BOS online platform at country level

  • UNCT:

    • Ultimate decision making for all matters related to the BOS

    • Responsible for finalization of BOS and reporting against agreed results

    • Responsible for outlining the medium-term vision for common business operations and providing the OMT guidance regarding the operationalization of the BOS

    • Final decision making on issues that cannot be resolved at the OMT level

    • Final endorsement of the BOS priorities and implementation plan including budgets

    • A member of the UNCT chairs the OMT

  • All engaged agencies:

    • Ensure commitment to and responsibility for BOS is included in agency strategic plans

    • Ensure the availability of staff and funds to implement activities towards delivering BOS targets

Country-level BOS management
  • OMT[1]:

    • Management and coordination of the development and implementation of the BOS.

    • Oversight of annual monitoring of the BOS to ensure common service delivery is in line with the KPIs and annual targets.

    • Regularly reporting to the UNCT on BOS progress and any issues arising that require UNCT decision making or policy advice.

    • Design and implement required resource mobilization strategies and reporting on status to the UNCT.

    • Coordinate monitoring and review guidance and capacitate the OMT task teams for a quality annual monitoring and review of the BOS.

    • Oversee the work of the OMT task teams/working groups

    • Oversee the work of any timebound BOS taskforces.[2]

Technical implementation of BOS
  • OMT working groups / task teams:

    • Support to the OMT in coordination and implementation of the BOS.

    • Participate in the BOS development through provision of data, BOS planning, identification of risks and limitations and development of the BOS Results Framework.

    • Responsibility for the annual work planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and review of their assigned BOS outcome areas

    • Provide specialized technical expertise.

    • Highlight of any resource mobilization needs/opportunities for the BOS to the OMT.

    • Regular reporting to the OMT on progress in implementation of their BOS outcome area, highlighting any challenges and bottlenecks faced and proposed solutions.

    • Create links with programme staff as needed to enhance the design and implementation of common services.

  • All engaged agencies:

    • Manage and implement BOS activities as assigned to their staff during the OMT working group meetings.

    • Report on cost avoidance and efficiency gains for all relevant common services.

[1] It is recommended that the chair of the OMT attend UNCT meetings to provide ongoing update on BOS management and implementation. Links to generic TOR for OMT can be found in the tool kit.

[2] BOS taskforces are generally time-bound with the responsibility of developing and finalizing a specific action relevant to the BOS on behalf of the full OMT.

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