Reviewing the BOS

Annual review

The BOS is a dynamic framework that seeks to enhance the quality and cost effectiveness of business operations at country level. To ensure it remains relevant and updated, OMTs are required to conduct an annual review of the BOS.

Taking in consideration the findings reached during the reporting phase, the OMT is responsible for launching the BOS annual review with the participation of the OMT working groups. This is a good opportunity to address any bottlenecks or delays with solutions and to set priorities for the year ahead. Discussions with the UNCTs should also take place to outline the management support needed and the budget allocation required. During the annual review, the OMT, and the working groups, are able to revise and update all the steps of the BOS. Updating the BOS should be faster than developing the BOS from the onset.

The steps to review the BOS are typically the following:

  1. Kick-off – review and update the list of participating agencies and the accountability framework. Ensure that any staff changes and contact details are reflected online.

  2. Stock Take – the OMT working groups should go through the identified common services and discuss whether changes should be made, or new services should be added.

  3. Opportunities – the OMT working groups should further discuss new opportunities for collaboration. Please note that services that have been done collaboratively for 4 years will be automatically moved to the stock take section.

  4. Planning Framework – OMT working groups should review and update KPIs, targets, and involved agencies. Review and update the implementation plan including common service activities, responsibilities, timeframes, and budget for implementation.

What to do if the country context suddenly changes?

If the country context changes, - either an emergency hits, or the situation stabilizes – the UN adapts its operations to best fit the country needs. Flexibility and adaptability are some of the main new characteristics of the BOS allowing it to be updated and revised in the middle of the implementation step to ensure it properly supports programme priorities.

For the BOS to be unlocked for review during implementation step the RC, with agreement from the UNCT, should write to the BOS Task Team through the help section of the BOS online platform. The request will be examined by the BOS Task Team and the BOS will be unlocked in the system for an earlier review.

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