5.3.2 Validation of existing premises

Fields index

  1. Phase. For existing premises, this field is automatically set to “Premise” and cannot be modified.

  2. Compound. A compound is made up of several buildings in an enclosed area. A compound housing several premises in different buildings on the compound is a Common Premises even if there is one UN entity per building.

    If the premises is part of a compound, select it from the dropdown list. If the compound is not shown in the list, select the “Not found in the list?” check box and enter its name. The name should allow to uniquely identify the compound within the country. The newly added Compound will be added to the compound dropdown for following premises.

  3. Premises name. Enter a premises name that should allow to uniquely identify the premises. Examples of names could be:

    • For Single Premises: [Organization] – [City] – [Office type]

    • For Common Premises: Common Premises - [CSM] – [Other main orgs] – [City]

  4. To adjust the accuracy of the office geo-location, click on “open map”, drag and drop the pin to the exact location (visual 23), which will automatically revise the data shown in the fields “Latitude” and “Longitude”. Selection on the map is mandatory for coordinates to appear.

  5. Status. Indicate the current status of the premise/project/initiative.

    An active premises is a premises under the management of the UN System regardless of UN staff occupying the building/compound or not. In case an active premises is not occupied by any staff, it should remain active in Step 2 and have zero current member of personnel in Step 3 of the CP platform.

    A premises becomes inactive when it no longer falls under the management of the UN – For example when a building is returned to the proprietor.

  6. Status details. Record dates and any information/reason associated to its status changes.

  7. Occupation approval. Only appears if “Active” is selected under the “Status” field, it represents the formal validation of the premises information by the Premises validation focal point. .This approval does not mean that formal approval for occupation of this premises has been given by UNDSS.

  8. Delete button. In case of wrong entry in the platform, please amend the content and save again. In case the premises is not used anymore, please select “inactive”. The “delete” button should only be used in case of premises/projects/initiatives added by mistake/ duplicates in the premises list.

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