4.6 Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance is usually done by the regional coordinator assigned to your country in coordination with the Common Premises Champions.

The role of the Quality Assurance focal point is to look at data for coherency and pick obvious issues, such as a field erroneously filled with a coma, outrageous numbers e.g., number of staff in the 20, 000 etc.

The Quality Assurance Focal point is not responsible for the data entered nor is expected to know and verify validity of information entered.

Once a whole step has been locked (see previous section β€œ4.5. Lock steps”), the next steps are the following:

  1. The Quality Assurance focal point is notified of completion

  2. He/she will then review the data entered in the locked step. Any issues should be raised off the platform via a discussion and in the comment field of the platform to the CPC, who will then act

  3. He/she will β€œMark current step as complete” when data is certified, using the button at the top of the page and entering an optional comment (visual 12)

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