5.4.4 Contractual agreements level data

This section aims at capturing data on the contractual agreements that exist for the premises. Contractual agreement can be added clicking on “Add contractual agreement”. Please note that parent agreements should be added first. For more information on parent agreements, please refer to Annex III.

Fields Index

  1. Upload contractual agreement. Upload the contractual agreement document.

  2. Name. Enter a name to designate the contract. It should uniquely identify the contract. (e.g. Lease agreement WFP-UNFPA).

  3. Parent agreement (if relevant). To enter a contractual agreement, you should click on “Add contractual agreement”. Parent agreements should be entered first. A parent agreement usually occurs when a UN entity signs an agreement on behalf of one UN or other agencies based on an internal UN agreement (for example an MoU). The platform requires you to first fill in the parent agreement and then the inter-agency agreements that fall under the parent agreement (see Annex III for more information).

  4. Agreement type. Select if the agreement is a Standard lease, Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

    • MOA – Memorandum of Agreement is usually between the UN and a Government or external party.

    • MOU - Interagency Memorandum of Understanding – UN Entities sign an MOU detailing their share of responsibilities and occupation of a common premises. The lead agency is stated in the MOU.

    • Ownership document - Any written document certifying UN's ownership right over a piece of land, a building or a portion of it.

    • If the agreement is a sub-lease but not a MOA or MOU, you should select “Standard lease” and enter the parent agreement in the previous data field (see point 3).

  5. Agreement status. Select between Draft or Final the status of the contractual agreement.

    • Draft should also be selected when it is not possible to provide a formal document certifying the right of a UN entity to occupy/use the building

  6. Lease end date: Enter the lease end date when available. In case of open-ended agreements, please write the date as 12-31-2099.

  7. Lease notice period: The maximum number or months (only composed of numbers without decimal or text) prior to the end date of an agreement to notify the landlord of intention to renew a contract.

  8. Rent x market value. Please estimate if the rent is above market value, below or at par.

  9. Lessor name. Select the lessor from the list. If the lessor cannot be found, then click on “Cannot Find Your Organization” and enter the missing lessor name. In that case, some other information will be asked: country, region/state, city, postal code and street.

  10. Lessee. Select the lessee(s) involved in the contractual agreement. The list is prepopulated with the occupants included in the premises.

  11. Lease services responsibilities. Specify the responsible party (Lessor, Lessee, Shared, Other) for each service mentioned (Utilities, Cashier, Internet provider, etc.). Select “Not applicable” if the service is not provided or not applicable to your situation. Note that shared responsibilities for a service means that the cost for the service is shared both by the lessor and the lessees.

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