BOS country typologies

It is recognized that country contexts differ, and one size does not fit all. Country programming and humanitarian responses benefit from collaborating on different common services lines. In recognition of the diversity of UNCTs globally, a country typology comprised of three main country/multi-country types has been defined to indicate the recommended minimum requirements for BOS. The three define typologies are: small operations of a maximum expenditure of 40 million USD, medium operations with an expenditure between 40 – 100 million USD, and large operations with an overall expenditure of over 100 million USD. The country typology is based on the overall UN investment overseen by that particular UNCT for one country or multiple countries (total amount).[1]

UNCTs are recommended to discuss and consider opportunities to collaborate on all common service lines and to take steps to identify a minimum of two common service lines for collaboration. The table below outlines suggested areas of collaboration that have proved to provide a higher return on investment based on feedback received from previous BOSs for each particular country typology. The table below is not prescriptive, and the extent of collaboration is ultimately the decision of the UNCT.

Agencies are strongly encouraged to participate in all common service lines selected for collaboration by UNCTs, but their involvement is ultimately on an opt-in basis considering quality assurance and cost effectiveness.

[1] Statistics on the total UN investment in country can be found on the HLCM website:

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