CP - Registration and User Roles

How can I determine which person to assign to each role?

A user right diagram (below) has been developed to offer a visual representation of each role. More specifically:

Β· CPCs coordinate the data entry exercise for the entire country and has the broadest access to the platform. We recommend 2 CPCs with one from the RCO and one from OMT

Β· Premises Validation Focal Points check and validates premises of the entire country. It is suggested that UNDSS holds this role or assists the CPWG in establishing the list of premises where the UN works in the country and their addresses.

o The Premises Validation Focal Point cannot hold any other role on the platform

Β· Agency Focal Points should have the necessary knowledge to add agency specific data in the platform. They are the communication focal points between UN entities and the working group

Β· CPWG Chairs are monitoring the process at high-level, but do not have any edit rights in the stock take portion of the platform. The CPWG Chair should be an agency head, deputy or OMT Chair who can report on Common Premises and bring CP issues to the UNCT. They can also be the CPCs, though this is not recommended.

How can I assign rights to the platform?

Only CPCs can assign rights in the platform. Please follow this Assignment of roles by CPC short video to see the process (French) (Spanish).

I am a CPC, why cannot I access the β€œUsers” tab on the left side of the platform?

Please allow 24h for the data team to give the CPC rights. If not available after 24h, please reach out to dco.cbs.cp@un.org.

I registered on UN Info, why am I not able to sign in?

The platform sends a confirmation email to activate your account. Please look in your inbox and junk folder of your email address to access the link. If unavailable, reach out to dco.cbs.cp@un.org.

I can sign in, but why can’t I access the Common Premises section of the platform?

This issue normally arises when the user has:

- Not yet been attributed its responsibilities by the CPC

- Not been attributed the correct domain/ workspace/ responsibilities in the platform

Please revert to your CPC to be granted the right responsibilities. The CPC can learn how to perform the user-right assignation process in this short video: Assignment of roles by CPC (French) (Spanish).

How can I know which user role was attributed to me?

When opening your Country Common Premises Plan, you can find the list of users and their respective roles in the dropdown menu β€œUsers” found in Step 1 of the plan.

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