RCO and UNCT composition

To edit the RCO and UNCT composition for a workspace, click on the "RCO/UNCT Composition" item in the left hand menu.

RCO Staff RCO staff

UNCT composition UNCT composition

UNIC representative in RCO Communications role UN RCO Communications role fulfilled by UNIC representative

RCO staff

This screen displays the list of RCO staff. At the top of the list is the Resident Coordinator followed by the 7 core functions and then all other RCO staff. If the Resident Coordinator or any of the core functions are not linked to a contact, then it will be highlighted in orange. If you want to add an RCO non-core function contact, click on the "Add contact" button at the bottom of the table.

Click on the delete icon on right hand side of the row if a staff member has left the position and is to be replaced by someone new.

Click on the edit icon on the right hand side of the row to edit the staff position's details. This will open a mini window in which the details of the position can be filled out. When it has been completed, click the save button.

If you need to edit the person's contact details such as their name or email, this can be found at the bottom of the pop up window under the heading "Personal contact details". Click the save button beneath it at the end.

If a position is empty and needs to be filled, you can select an existing contact by typing in a name and selecting from the list of contacts.

In the "Group" drop down field, choose RC if the contact will be the Resident Coordinator, otherwise choose RCO and fill out the form fields.

If you cannot find the contact in the system, then you can add a new one by choosing the "Add [name]" at the bottom of the drop down, and you will be able to input the name, email and other details.

UNCT composition

Click on the "UN Entity" button next to the RCO staff button. This screen displays the list of UN Entities working with the country and its physical presence, and also shows if it is a member of the UNCT and UNCG. It also displays who is the representative of the UN Entity in country, and the focal point for the UNCG.

To add UN Entities to the country, click on the "Add new entity" button.

To edit an existing UN entity, click on the edit icon on the right hand side of the row. A mini window will open up. On the left side of this window are details about the UN Entity within the country. Here you can specify if it is a member of the UNCT and the UNCG, its physical presence in country and the type of office. Click save after completing the form fields.

On the right hand side of the window are the details of the UN entity's representative and the UNCG focal point. Click on the edit icon to edit the details of the contact, and the form will be displayed beneath the 2 sets of data.

You can update details about the contact's post in this form. If the contact has left the post and a new person has taken over, please click the button "Contact has left position". A new contact can then be added to the post.

If you need to update the name of the contact or email, these fields can be found below the post details.

To add a new contact as the Representative or the UNCG member, select an existing contact from the list or add a new one from the drop down beneath the table. Note that only one Entity Representative can be added to the UN Entity. If a new representative has joined, click the delete icon before adding a new contact.

For UNCG contact, select the "UNCG member" option. Note that the "UNCG member" option will only be available if the UN Entity has been marked as a "member of UNCG" on the left hand side.

For UN entity representative, select the "Entity representative" option in the "Group" drop down.

UN RCO Communications role fulfilled by UNIC representative

If the RCO communications position is fulfilled by a UNIC representative, first add UNIC as a UN Entity in the "UN Entity" tab (See the next section on UNCT composition). Then in the pop up window to edit the UNIC organization, check the box "Integrated within the UN RCO" and click save. Then add the Entity Representative contact.

The UNIC entity representative will be displayed in the RCO tab, beneath the list of core contacts

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