CP - Stock-take

What is the deadline for completing the stock take exercise?

The deadline depends on the Group attributed to your country:

- Group A: September 15th, 2021

- Group B: October 31st, 2021

- Group C & D: February 15th, 2022 {All groups not to exceed deadline of Feb. 15th}

- Closure of stock-take exercise for all groups: February 18th, 2022

I am not able to edit some of the data fields, why are they greyed?

This issue normally arises when the user:

- Has not been attributed the rights to a certain section of the CPP

- Is trying to modify a locked field

- Has been attributed more than one role

Please refer to this user right diagram to verify if you should have access to those data fields.

If the section or step you are trying to modify is locked, please try to unlock/ reach out to your CPC to unlock the data. There are 3 possible ways the data can be locked:

1. Step is locked

2. Section is locked

3. Individual premises/occupant is locked

If you think that the wrong access has been attributed, please reach out to your CPC.

What are the main differences between each types of access?

  • CPCs have access to the whole platform except for a part of Step 2 (validating/ adding/ deleting existing premises)

  • Agency Focal Points can modify occupants data for their own agency in Step 3 and can add contractual agreements

  • Premises Validation Focal Point can only modify a part of the Step 2 of the platform (when it comes to validating existing premises). They are the only users who can add/delete/modify premises in this step.

  • Only CPCs can add or delete occupants in Step 3

Step 1: Background

What should be entered as country background?

Please enter the relevant country specific details for Common Premises (e.g., size of the UNCT, security level, country context). Note that only the CPCs can modify the background.

Step 2: Premises Validation

Do we need to enter data for Single Premises as well?

Yes. The Country Common Premises Plan should be inclusive of all types of premises found in the country.

What should be done with premises not part of the exercise (e.g., World Bank, ADB)?

Premises held by organizations not part of the exercise should be put as “Inactive”.

How should we input offices/premises that are planned to move or be inactivated?

The current situation should be reflected in the platform. The platform can be updated and modified once the move of the offices has happened and the premises is no longer under the purview of the UN. The current premises is then marked as “Inactive” in Step 2 by the Premises Validation Focal Point and the new premises is added.

Why am I only able to add initiatives and projects, but not premises?

Only Premises Validation Focal Points have the rights to add/modify/delete premises. You can identify your Premises Validation Focal Point by looking at the “Users” dropdown found in Step 1.

How can I modify the latitude and longitude of the address?

These fields are automatically modified when selecting the address from the magnifying glass icon or from the map. Please use the map to make the coordinates more accurate.

Step 3: Premises Attributes

What capacity should be put if investments might change future capacity?

The current capacity should be entered and changed at a later date if needed.

Why am I not able to add, delete or modify an occupant?

Occupants can only be added or deleted by a CPC. Once done, Agency Focal Points can modify data for occupants of their own agency only.

When indicating the office space area, should it be inclusive of common areas?

Yes. Office space area should indicate the gross area paid for by the agency, inclusive of the shared common areas.

How should the number of desks per personnel be calculated?

Any staff member occupying a dedicated workstation, the desk per personnel ratio is 1. In premises where the hybrid work model has been implemented, the ratio used should be entered on the platform. For example, in a hybrid work model where 8 workstations are allocated to 10 personnel, the number of desks per personnel ratio is 0.8.

What cost should be entered if we have joint contracts for some items (e.g., Cleaning and gardening)?

An estimation should be provided for each sub-cost with the total adding to the cost of the joint contract.

How to deal with inflation when inputting the yearly cost data?

Costs should be entered in USD for the current year. They can be revised subsequently. In the yearly review or at the time of contract renewal, the rental cost for the actual year is updated on the platform.

What is meant by Parent Agreement?

The parent agreement is the main contract between the lead agency and the external entity (lessor). It should be the first agreement to be entered on the platform. Any internal UN agreement (MoU) falling under this parent agreement is then entered.

All subsequent agreements should indicate the name of the parent agreement in the field “Parent Agreement”. Please refer to this contract diagram for more information.

Note: The field “Parent Agreement” for the main parent agreement should be entered as N/A on the platform as it is the main contract.

What should be put as end data for open-ended agreements?

31/12/2099 should be put as end date.

What is meant by lease notice period?

The lease notice period is the minimum number of months prior to the end date of the lease for the UN to notify the lessor of its intention to renew the contract.

Note: Early termination means ending the lease prior to the stipulated end lease date on the contract. Usually, early termination closes cover the associated penalties. This is for information and currently not tracked on the platform.

In the responsibility section, what is the meaning of shared responsibility?

Shared responsibilities for a service means that the cost for the service is shared both by the lessor and the lessees.

What information agency focal points should collect before entering the platform?

The list of information requested depends on the office type. All offices should appear on the platform, but offices excluded from the scope require less information on the platform.

All office types:

Only offices included in scope of exercise as per Annex II of the manual:

Those fields are only for the occupant section of the platform. Please refer to the platform for the information needed at premises and contractual level.

What information do I need when adding a contract to the platform?

When adding a contract, the amount of information depends on if the agreement is final and signed.

All types of agreements:

Mandatory for final and signed agreements (please fill for other agreements as well if available):

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