The kick-off provides UNCTs the opportunity to initiate the BOS in their country. This step is focused on building a basic common understanding of BOS across all parties involved in its development and implementation at the country level.

This step is traditionally comprised of several activities, such as:

  • Creation of specialized working groups (one for each common service line) within the OMT and identification of a focal point for each, if this does not yet exist.

  • OMT meeting, together with the OMT working groups and the assigned focal points, where the OMT Chair briefs the team on the BOS using the OMT Kick-off presentation and discusses next steps.

  • UNCT meeting where OMT Chair briefs on the BOS, using the UNCT Kick-off presentation. The OMT Chair introduces the focal points for the specialized working groups and discusses next steps. It is at this point that members of the UNCT reconfirm their commitment to the process, allowing staff time to lead and/or participate in the interagency processes of developing and implementing the BOS. This is done by defining the Participating Agencies and completing the Accountability Framework, one of the most important steps of the BOS.[1]

For step-by-step guidance on completing the kick-off step in the BOS platform, click here.

[1] For more detailed information refer to Annex 2.

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