Annual reporting

The OMT is required to monitor and report on cost avoidance and the quality improvements realized, including through reporting on the funds spent, and on the progress made towards the annual targets set within the Results Framework. OMT Chairs and working group focal points are also able to add feedback in relation to progress name on each of the activities.

Managing and Participating Agencies as well as OMT working groups are responsible for the annual monitoring of the KPIs for their specific common service line. Monitoring is undertaken by applying verifiable data and quality surveys to determine the status of the KPI targets against their baseline. In this step, OMT working groups review the common services, KPIs, and targets and add the actual values of the progress made thus far. OMT working groups inform the OMT of the conclusions of their annual monitoring and flag any issues that require attention at the OMT or UNCT level.

The BOS online platform will generate an impact level reports from implementation of the BOS to ascertain the benefit of the BOS at the country level. These reports will enable the stakeholders to notice the impact that BOS brings to the UN system by collaborating. The reports will also showcase the active participation by Agencies and their performance on BOS implementation.

Who does what?


OMT working groups

Report to the OMT the achievements (progress towards targets, including cost avoidance and quality enhancements) of their common service line, against agreed targets on an annual basis.


Reviews the inputs provided by the working groups and reports the achievements and challenges of the BOS to the UNCT against agreed targets annually.


Annually reports on the outcome of BOS to the UN Secretary-General.

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