5.3.4 Addition of projects and initiatives

This part tackles the specificities of adding an ongoing project or an initiative . The defition and details about projects and initiatives are outlines in Annex I. Fields not mentionned below are detailed in the 5.2. Validation and addition of existing premises.

This step can be completed by the CPC and/or the agency focal points.

Fields index

  1. Category. Select the category to which the project/initiative belongs to.

  2. Future actions. Provide the upcoming steps (e.g., signing the letter of interest, assess feasibility of construction work).

  3. Source of funding. Indicate where the funding comes from among the choices.

  4. Additional documents. Upload any other relevant document.

Note: Refurbishment of an existing premises with no addition of occupants is not considered as a project but as an investment on an existing premises. Projects with addition of occupants or to establish new premises (single or common) are to be recorded as projects/initiatives.

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